Caligula (feat. Arsafes)

by Odium Nova

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Behind this smile there is no heart,
I feel it widen everytime you cry,
I stand enthralled 'fore your dying eye...
Gods made you whole – I shall tear apart.

(Because I can)

Look! Behold the flame
Corrupting me –
A self-proclaimed inerrant god –
So unashamed
I stand above,
I head the pantheon of blood.
Amuse me now,
For all I want
Is that you feel the way you die,
I am the light
Escorting you
Through sacrificial rite.

Overwhelming pleasure rages
In my nature narcissistic,
Locking gods in filthy cages,
Merciless egotheist,
I sit upon the golden throne –
Malice made of flesh and bone –

I indulge in this chaotic
Festival of self-destruction
Relishing the death erotic,
Only bowing to seduction,
Seeking joy in your disgust,
I fail to rein my vampiric lust...

Born to be enthroned
Right beside the Sun,
I extinguished the latter
Remaining the only one!

Grace is outworn,
Harmony undone,
I am vices embodied,
Perversity is my crown.

Second to none, I declare a slaughter:
"Bring me the sea on the heads of your spears!"
"Neptune, beware! I captured your waters!"
"Oh, let people hate me as long as they fear..."

I deny the rules
Imposed by
My supersticious ancestors!
Benighted fools,
I promise you:
You'll have to venerate my horse!
The more you hide
The more I know,
I smell intrigue within your hearts,
Until the end
I'll stand my ground
And play my leading part

In this wicked farce invented
To rejoice my twisted ego,
Choking the already-scented
Fall of proud Roman eagle,
Raising splendor as a sword,
Too divine to be alert,

I have drowned the empire
In a sea of blood that flows
Not to feed an avid pyre
Yet as offering to my own
And when I meet a knife
I shall belch a hoarse laugh
For I'm still alive!

I shall remain supreme!
The future ones will fear my name!
Oh, you, who sentenced me to death,
How were you impudent enough
To try to kill a god?..


released March 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Odium Nova Москва, Russian Federation

In nomine Noctis, et Chaos omnipotentis, et Odii aeterni...

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