Death Comes Sudden

by Odium Nova

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Andres awesome album. Killer bass lines Favorite track: Paradise Sold.
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released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Odium Nova Москва, Russian Federation

In nomine Noctis, et Chaos omnipotentis, et Odii aeterni...

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Track Name: The Harbinger Flew In, Gloating... (intro)
Track Name: Sunset Over Styx this shall be death –
Distorting, oblivious, stifling and cold.
We enter the ark
And set off on a journey to shatter the world,
Get ready to meet
Thy nightmare till now concealed in the dark –
We are to embark
When Sun
Descends into Styx!

Full speed ahead!
We are your damnation forever and aye!
Troops of the dead –
We came unexpected, from shadows we rise!
Legions of fate –
Depriving of choice, decimating the chance...
You only die once!


Burning in flames,
Bleeding in throe,
Tortured by war that's never been declared...

Children of sin,
Fighting for your
Place in the sun with no ruth to other

Thirsting for gain,
Blinded by vain,
Selling yourself to be the best at any

Midst your self-lies
Have you all thought,
What you shall leave behind when death comes sudden?..
Track Name: Hecatomb
To the raven flying to shadow the sun,
To the pestilence spreading all over the land,
To the daemons beginning the hunt,
To the war hounds leaving the den,
To the avid god rejoicing in our blood,
To the skies that stand aloof,
To the wolf that howls tearing silence apart,
To the echo mocking at him from afar,
To the vulture hurrying not to miss the feast,
To the distant moon watching the slaughter, pleased...

To the tide rising to wipe out the scars
And the tears already spilt,
To the Reaper preparing his scythe
For the harvest on the battlefield –

(Praise the massacre!)

Rule of the Force,
Hate-driven delirious hordes –
He who stands the last
Takes the hollow Earth...

Hecatomb –
A bargain with Death.
Hecatomb –
A blood-signed pact.
Who cares a straw,
When your life's at stake
For someone's sake?

When the die is cast,
And hate becomes a must,
When self-identity
Is turning into dust,

When future leaves no past
And no way to flee
For humanity,
That will be sacrificed –

To the vanity having shadowed the sun,
To atrocity devastating the land,
To the gods of war enjoying the hunt...
They will have it all – you will meet the end.
Track Name: Why All This Melancholy?
Do you remember angels falling?
As they descended swiftly spinning,
It heralded a new beginning –
Why all this melancholy?

...then a rain
Caressed the desolated plains,
It brought a tide
That rushed towards the hollow coast
Of humankind
To wash the eyes for long so blind,
To clean up minds
And breed a seed of blasphemy...

A road was shown to a denial
With dogmas burning into ashes,
As riots gathered the audacious:
"If angels fall - why cannot I?"

So going on,
We break a way aside from skies,
Unfolded eyes
Light up in freedom ecstasy –
We see no sin
In being masters to ourselves,
And in the end
We'll pay for it – or shall we not?

...Do you remember angels falling?
Life blossomed as they hit the ground –
Why all this melancholy?
Next will be he who pushed them down.
Track Name: Time To Pay
Evisceration of your soul
Will make the ailing body burn.
No matter that you had to fall –
It matters if you could return!
Don't take a breath and shut your eyes
Once you've escaped the sorrow cold...
An errant step knocks you against
A wall!

You try your best to fight your way
Away from this chaotic strife...
Beware: they are killing you

Avoid the hook and slither forth,
Don't waste your time on looking back –
You will be caught up by the pack
When knocking on the Heaven's door.
Their rabid laugh is coming nigh,
The countdown has begun...
Watch out for you are the one
To fight!

But what will change, suppose you fail,
Concerning Good and Evil scale?
It's so rash to burn yourself
To ash!

What happened heretofore!
The scars of days of yore,
But do recall it all when time doth come -

For hatred and for pain,
The marches of decay...
Release the force that spurs your will

But who admits his own lie
When self-delusion is enthroned?
Go help them die...
What are you waiting for?!


How hard is it to be yourself
Amidst the kingdom of
Track Name: Private Gehenna
Suffering is just another way of self-perception,
A scar-written bible keeping all faults.
You get stuck in a limbo of manic obsession,
Entangled by woes recalled...

How long can you wallow
In grief and despair,
Comparing your rash former words
To those which deceitfully came afterwards?

How deep can you swallow
The scorn of misfortune
As scorching as hell in your head,
Before you forget?

Suffering is just another way of self-destruction,
A ghost of a psycho sharpening his knife.
You get closer to him with every fool action,
Your soul is buried alive...

Exploring the bottomless
Pit of resentment,
Tormenting your reason and sense,
You look for a moment when everything ends,

But it's slipping away,
And you're stabbed in the back,
Attacked by the visions around...
Your bitter remembrance is beating you down

Get. Feel. Keep. Pain. Breed. Hate. DIE.
Let. It. Burn. Self. March to the end. DIE.

The logics are ravelled,
The stakes are all losing,
You have undertaken too much...
Insanity's nigh. Are you feeling its touch?

How far can you travel
Your private Gehenna?
Fake martyr, how long can you grieve,
Before you forgive
Track Name: Half Step To Seduction
Come closer, my child –
I've something to show and something to tell,
I'll take you out of
This Maelstrom of lies where insanity dwells,

Where purity's spoiled and is starting to fester,
Where reverend shepherd has turned into jester,
Where a gesture of shame is twin sister for mercy
And virtue is measured by thickness of purses...

Come closer, my child,
Intention is sacred when wish equals sin.
Do it – or live
Lamenting the pleasures of freedom unseen...

Brought up in a fear of mythical forces,
For each misdemeanour awaiting remorse –
"A prohibited fruit
Won't serve you for good!"
You make no decision – is anything worse?

Day after day sacrificing your ego,
Forsaking all hope, losing the vigour
And seeking a shelter
You kneel to the altar,
Expecting a favour from stone-dead figures...

Clean up your mind and give loose to your lust!
Don't fear fake menace of being condemned.
Whatever you are, there is only one end –
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I can teach you to enjoy life to the full...

Clean up your mind and give loose to your lust!
Come side with me,
Follow my path!

I tear off the veil – have a look at the scale
A breath of decision can trigger a gale
Be either yourself or constantly bound –
Whatever you choose you shall end in the ground.

I warn you: don't hope for phantom salvation!
He who lives as a servant has no destination.
I'm here to soothe your excruciation,
Come closer, my child, for I am the Truth.

One step is enough to break up the chains.
Your being was never designed for restrain.
Come closer, my child, I shall wipe off your stain,
Come side with me. Now.
Track Name: Crypt Of Fatal Truth
Feel all your littleness
Facing the grandeur
Of these silent walls...
Is it your way?
Will you be strong?

And if you doubt – take your leave!
There will be others who deserve!
Remember: fear's not a crime
Unless it breaks the holding chain...

Step over the line –
For chance won't be given again!
You are on your own.
Stone is deaf – only echo will hear you scream...

Stone is dead.

Enter the Crypt...

...Whoever wondered, devoured by curiosity,
Which malevolent wind had guided me there,
Just saw me shrug my shoulders in unfeigned ignorance...
Many times I've tried to rake up my worn-out memory
In an endless search of answers... Nothing.
Nothing but mirrors.
Unconcerned with the visions from the Past,
As well as the Present or the Future,
I left Three of them behind,
Deliberately throwing myself into the vortex of the Fourth.
Time seemed to have stopped
Singing like a string at the breaking point,
While I squirmed in the cobweb of Truth
Longing to perceive my real self...
I gazed into darkness, and suddenly I beheld two burning eyes,
Scornfully gazing into me...
I've been trying to recall the rest since then,
But every time
It hurts...
Track Name: Dancing On A Rope
Track Name: Blasphemer
…They say my soul’s forever marred,
They say my hands are ever stained,
They say I killed my inner God…
They gave me a name –

Laughing at the outdated lie,
Flying over misery and pain,
I have followed my unholy way!

I saw them shiver at my sight,
I heard them damn me for disgrace –
My grin is shining over their faith!

Teach me to live –
I’ll spit in your face!
Teach me to live –
I’ll spit in your face!
Make me believe –
I’ll spit in your face!
Show me the life!

…I do confess my being blind!
I do agree to everfall!
Who dares say he never lied?
So join me you all –

Hallowed be thy unforgiven sins!
Mocking at the foolery of crowd,
Watch the mortal world fall down

The wicked have been reigning, since
The Truth was made an outcast,
Yet Virtue’s been for long exposed to rust!

Give me a god –
I’ll spit in his face!
Give me a god –
I’ll spit in his face!
Give me a faith –
I’ll throw it away!
Track Name: The Epitaph pale are the traces 'neath moonlight triumphant,
I glide through the fog in noctambulant fever,
Lifebridges contort as I yield to the shiver
Of phantasmagoric oblivion rites –

Yet I'll suffer it all,
I follow my mourning procession (unseen),
Like a Stygian wraith
I sink in the waters of death
On the edge of the worlds...

And will my soul be doomed to flames
Or be allowed to Eden fields –
I shall deny
All chance to rest (in peace),

Confined to no mortal frame,
My hatred's nevermore concealed,
Revenge is nigh,
I start the bloody mass.

Eye for an eye –
Till your heart stops the hopeless staccato...
Try to run for your life –
I'll be there with the last ray of light...
Let me kiss you when you suffocate!

I am a curse once laid upon,
I am a precipice onwards,
I'm an exile of the two worlds,
I'm neither perished nor reborn,
The rotten veil of death unfolds
Depriving me of afterlife,
As lust for retribution burns
In frozen shadows I revive!

And you'll suffer my pain!
Behold me – I'll smile from the darkness
Till you go insane...
I like it when you are afraid –
So be endless the game!

...and be hollow my grave.
Track Name: Human Larva
Trembling fingers, dumb expression –
Look into the mirror!
Who the hell has made you so weak?
Marching forward, going under –
Victim of the system,
Feasting on the grave of rotten freedom,
You creep.

Suck it up – it can never change.

Sick and worthless, nameless bastard,
Living in despair,
All your deeds are guided from above.
Dancing at the wish of masters,
Ignorant and scared,
Nemo sapiens, do you feel their laugh?

Created after the image and likeness –
You’re nothing but a human larva.
So keep on creeping and hope for mercy,
A mere pawn, a human larva.
Track Name: The Threshold
Burning the bridges, ignoring the warning,
We step on a road of no return –
In a moment it's over, yet no one is mourning
The death of the world giving birth to a nova.

Our fury is fading, obscurity's luring,
Be cured all those once labelled "impure"!
We cannot foresee what we are to endure,
We are the ones we'll never be

Whatever the past – shall be lost and forgotten!
Our rotten existence was only a spot
On the canvas of time... We'll be newly begotten
And witness the dawn of catharsis sublime.

We enter the twilight with eyes widely opened –
No hope for the better, still we shall not stop
On the way to the top of realities swapping...
For future's unknown, we'll forge it
Track Name: Paradise Sold
…For I never defy
This hunger burning within,
I never doubt to strike,
When I am ordered to kill,
I throw myself to attack –
No matter how, but still –
The order should be fulfilled.
I've never wondered...

Who are those I slay?
Why the hell I have to hate?

…For you're looking unlike –
So you should be condemned:
"We want a race to be clean"
"We need a unified faith"
"We have to be all the same" –
And no distinction allowed!
Marionettes on a leash,
We fill the planet with...

Fuck it, I cut out!
Why should I despise the whole world?!
Why should I despise myself?..

The world dissected into parts
Will never try to reunite,
A total hatred is to rise…

One brother loved – another killed,
And we have crossed the crooked step,
We've sold the only Paradise…

We've dragged our moral in the mud,
We have forgotten self-esteem,
A final virtue is on sale…

So why the hell you hesitate?
Keep on reforging "dirty" world –
And hate thy neighbor as thyself!!
Track Name: Asleep in Armageddon
...oh yes, I lied,
And will deceive again –
Lie to myself
That something can be changed,
That this is not the end,

That night will pass and reconcile my daemons,
That their deafening choir will set my conscience free,
That every second brings salvation closer,
And sky will cast a beam of hope on me...

And trapped within my own fancies,
I will assure myself that there's nothing wrong,
And all I need is close my eyes and sleep,
Just close my eyes...

I cannot sleep, I'd rather wait till the morning
Takes me away and rests my shell on a cloud,
Where no voices from the past will be calling,
Where no madness will be lurking around...

I cannot sleep, I'd better died 'fore I came here,
Jumped in the blackest ever hole I discovered
Towards the nothing, far away from untamed fear,
Yet my ill fate robbed me of chance to be coward...

Give me a hand and pull me out of this quagmire,
I cannot tell deceit from truth any longer,
I'm too much used to misperceive the desired
For what I really see...
I need to be stronger.

Give me a hand next time it comes to backstab me,
Ten thousand voices tear my senses in twain...
I could admit I'm too weak to withstand it,
But I will lie and then suffer again.

Lies blind.

Oh God lies blind...
Track Name: Till Death Embraces Us
Who dared say the war is lost?
A coward's not deserving trust.
As strong as stone is our word:
We'll fight 'til death embraces us!

Violence's cloaking
The face of the Earth,
Plague's spreading,
Smothering peace...

Who dared say this war is last?
As long as hand is still a fist,
As sure as sun comes from the East –
We'll fight 'til death embraces us!

We are still alive,
Forging our weapons
In the furnace of hate,
We are still above,
Though larvas are knapping
The foot of the rock,
We are standing on.
We are standing on!

For the years to come,
For the glorious past,
For the ones behind,
Who had lost the lives
For the clear skies,
For the ancestors' land,
We are standing on.
We are standing on!
We'll fight!
Track Name: Between The Filth And Deviance
I flew through the layers of reality askew
To reveal the naked pleasure of the deep,
As I climbed from beneath
I heard the feeble people breathe,
Shivering in fear of near tragedy.
I traded innocence for chronicles of decadence
To find an inner sense between the lines,
But as I read my hair grayed –
I was afraid to witness fate
Predestined for mortals till the end of all times.

So I began my mournful trip –
A newborn child, still pure and stripped –
I watched, myself untouched by sin,
The fall of Sodom and its twin,

That bloodshed left the first attaint,
I stared on the verge of faint,
Embraced by choking reek I seemed
To understand the holy scheme.

I took to my heels spurred on by fright
And did not stop 'til I descried
Four mounted shadows in the mist –
The last turned back and grinned at me.

I tried to lead his rats away,
But cursed was the pipe I played,
And people were too sick to see
The beasts obey and follow me...
Grey apostles of mine!

I passed through the ages with a feeling of disgust
Congealing like a guise upon my face,
And the heavens grew dark
For every sin became a mark
Adding to the picture of infinite disgrace.
I crept into chambers where monarchs quietly slept
To spread the prophecy of dismal days,
But all my word remained unheard
As if I were the Foe of Lord,
And pyres devoured the souls set ablaze.

And I,
Still trying to murder the grime,
Kept braving the mire of life
And sentenced myself to exile...

I was alone against the world,
I felt the pain of every man,
But knew: I surely would withstand,
Although it rose a thousandfold.

And fiercely tempted and seduced,
I saw a dream of me enthroned,
My grandest name engraved in stone –
Yet I was strong enough to refuse.

I walked the path of ancient kings
Escorted by the birds of prey
To find at last a secret cave
And Crypt of Fatal Truth within,

I entered it to see the fool,
But mirrors took me for a ghoul,
And when I left, depressed and blind,
I swear! – I heard a laugh behind!

I could not see the mask I wore
And both accursed and adored –
A hypocrite called to encore –
I bore the blame for blood and blight.

I sipped from the envenomed well,
And Babylon collapsed and fell,
As I staggered on a rope
Between the filth
And deviance...